Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

The Black Tie Marketing Group offers , bespoke marketing solutions for small businesses. We have deep roots in IT and Sales, and having built our brand using our I.T. expertise and our Sales experience, we can now help other companies to do the same. We deliver high-end thinking at exceptional value for money. With our deep experience in the IT, VoIP, Sales and Online Marketing, we can devise a marketing strategy to suit your business needs. Our professional yet, hands on approach ensures that your business strategies and goals are embraced and applied at every point of the branding and marketing spectrums. The result is effective marketing that complements your business strategy, works for your budget, strengthens your brand and connects with your customers. Black Tie works across many industry sectors and at all degrees of involvement from full-scale marketing and communication solutions down to developing individual communications pieces. Our solutions work particularly well for small and medium businesses that don’t have huge marketing budgets, the time or in-house expertise to formulate their marketing strategies. We have formulated a solution that targets your clients through Online Branding, Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, amongst others, ALL at an affordable structure suitable to small businesses and startups. Black Tie is happy to work off-site as your ‘in-house’ team or we can tailor a marketing action plan that your in-house marketing co-ordinator can execute, while we run regular reviews to ensure it is going to plan. We are the perfect solution for businesses that want top notch, ‘black tie’ thinking without the high-end cost. Please see our solutions page for more on what Black Tie has to offer you.